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Value Proposition


Specialty Storage’s mission is to provide full line moving and storage services to companies and individuals moving abroad, returning from overseas, moving locally, or clients who are in need of storage space. 

As evidenced by the slogan “moving dreams worldwide”, Specialty Storage Company understands that moving is both exciting and stressful, and the fulfillment of a dream for many individuals and families.  Specialty Storage Company will allow these individuals and families to realize the full potential of their dreams by taking the burden of worry out of the moving process.

Specialty Storage’s value proposition is multi-faceted, diverse, and steeped in the tradition that we are truly out to make the moving experience as worry free and easy as possible for the customer. Please see below a few of the value items we bring to the moving process.

  6 value items we bring to the moving process:

1. Industry experience  -->

In addition, all drivers and helpers have large amounts of experience in the household goods moving industry.



Experience (Yrs)

 John Mayer CEO 36
 Andy Mayer President 8
 Craig Copestick  Operations Manager 16
 Mike Copestick Warehouseman 21
Strong operational foundation

John Mayer has set up a tremendous operational structure that allows for efficient management of work flow, capital, and storage space.  Systems are in place to handle all elements of Specialty Storage’s business.

. Facilities

The company has a single source warehousing facility (35,000 square feet) and office facility (5,000 square feet).  In addition, there is ample parking and turnaround space for the truck fleet.

4. Flexibility

Specialty Storage is independently owned and operated, which allows for tremendous flexibility in pursuing opportunities to serve the customer.

. Industry Relationships

As a by-product of the experienced staff, Specialty enjoys strong relationships with steamship lines, freight forwarders, and industry supply chain companies to continually seek efficiencies and new opportunities for customers.

. Location

We are conveniently located in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, just off the I-275 outer belt to the East of Cincinnati.

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"Moving Dreams Worldwide"

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