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The Future


Specialty Storage will continue to look for systems to integrate into our product mix that will help us serve the customer and meet expectations. 

We will continuously look to offer new services, new products, better ways to communicate, and easier ways to exchange information. 

We will keep you updated as we move forward, and start the development of new programs that will help us serve you.

Below are just a few of the things we are currently strategizing:  


  1. Electronic order tracking

With this system, an individual or a company will be able to log in with a code and get status as to the stage the move is in.  Is it scheduled, started, almost complete, moved to the dock?  This program will allow for up to date communication on where a shipment is located.

  2. Software

We will work toward developing software that is compatible with the move management company’s software and/or the corporation/entity’s software.  By doing this, communication will be streamlined. And a file can be established with each company whereby an order history can be built and tracked.  All information would be available in a file for anyone, with access, to view at any time.  This would allow for information to be available at any time with the touch of your fingers.

  3. Electronic invoicing and payment receipts

We will work to set up systems that will allow for electronic invoicing and receivables..


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