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With complete packing, wrapping, trucking, and storage systems in place, we can handle your international move from start to finish.  Our experienced experts will estimate the cost of your job, run you through a complete move progression plan, complete the necessary steps to prepare your goods for international shipment, and perform the physical move of the items going over seas.

In addition, the items that will be held for storage until the return date will be carefully packed, trucked to our facility, and placed in Port a Vaults for long-term storage in our facility.

When the return date is set, we will then handle the inbound movement of your goods, pull your items out of storage and deliver both to the new destination.  We will then handle the movement of the items into the new home, unpack and unwrap the items, and aid you in placing the furniture and your other household goods in the appropriate place in your home.

Specialty Storage is here to provide complete International Moving services, from start to finish.    




Specialty Storage serves all client channels for the international movement of household goods.

  1. Multinational entities with overseas plants or offices.  The potential client list includes any company or organization that deals in foreign markets, and requires their people to work and live in those markets.
  2. The international move management company. These relocation companies move families of multi-national companies internationally.  As a part of their services, they manage and coordinate the international move, offer relocation services such as home searches, school searches, banking needs, and any other services a family may need in a new country.
  3. An individual heading to a foreign country to work or for educational purposes, or a foreign national who may be going home after a stay in the United States.
  Whether a move management company, a company or entity moving an employee overseas, or an individual relocating abroad, please contact Specialty Storage Company for all your international moving needs.


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